BLITZ Machine has been specially designed with user friendly features. It has been well planned taking into consideration each and every aspect pertaining to quality and international standards for manufacturing pharmaceutical medicines. The idea of BLITZ machine evolved after consultation with customers and the challenges faced by them during production. Its special features have been put together successfully for operational process by the efforts of our technical team members.

Chamunda Pharma Machinery Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of BLITZ machine in India. This is a unique rotary press machine which is widely used as a compression machine for tablets. BLITZ machine is used as a tablet press machine in the pharmaceutical sector to manufacture tablets of uniform sizes and weight. The key feature of this machine includes high speed tablet press with front control increasing production with increased output. Its sturdy body makes it easy to operate and is user friendly.

BLITZ Machine stands out from other pharmaceutical machines due to the following salient features.

Salient Features

  1. BLITZ machine has a pre compression force up to 5 ton along with main compression force up to 10 ton.
  2. It has a higher speed operation with a centrally driven Turret drive up to 60 RPM rotating through bearings making its functioning more efficient.
  3. The Force Feeder works up to 120 RPM for compression of fine granules synchronizing speed and feed for the machine.
  4. Its specially designed hydro- pneumatic power pack stabilizes pressure on the machine while loading and over loading release.
  5. It is designed with a three piece turret with a Die Plate of SS316.
  6. The machine has contact parts in SS316.
  7. It has a dust extraction nozzle clamp fitted and is helpful for easy cleaning.
  8. Its acrylic upper guard is firm and sturdy for interlocking and operational safety purpose.
  9. BLITZ machine has all its controls in front for easy operation along with an inbuilt control panel
  10. It has a main motor with ACVFD and Electro Magnetic Clutch along with a force feeder with ACVFD
  11. Its upper punch penetration is easy to operate while designing the granules
  12. The machine has a tunnel type two sided lifting track
  13. BLITZ machine has an arrangement of auto lubrication for centralized lubrication for more efficiency
  14. It has an anti-vibration mount of vibration absorption and is excellent for inching operation
  15. It has a special feature for anti-reverse protection
  16. BLITZ machine has been designed to provide provision for extra plug and socket of single and three phase for de-duster and dust extractor machine connection respectively

We, at Chamunda Pharma have successfully tested BLITZ machine and guarantee it to be the number one for increased production along with increased output. Its unique ergonomic design makes it easy for operational purpose. Its simple structure provides ease in maintaining the machine along with proper cleanliness.

Blitz Machine is specially designed for high speed accuracy along with efficiency for large patch production and more output.Its salient features enable all its parameters to be fine-tuned and make it more user friendly.