In-depth Knowledge of the domain-Pharma Machinery for Solid Oral Dosage, highly creative professionals and capability to convert imagination in to reality makes CHAMUNDA PHARMA MACHINERY PVT.LTD (CPMPL) as a preferred supplier for Pharma Machinery.

From its inception (1981) with the help of experienced engineers, we are able to offer a wide range of Colloid Mill. The company’s expertise in delivering unmatched products has helped in to earn the reputation of a veteran within the introduction of Colloid Mill during the early stage of companies expansion in early 80’s.

Super fine grind, Homogenize, Disperse, Mix and emulsify in single process TechniK-is one word to define our Colloid Mill.

Principle: A colloid mill does its work by hydraulic shear, bringing to bear a tremendous amount of energy on a small portion of material in the form of a thin film. This will reduce particles to their ultimate crystal size by breaking up the agglomerates into which they form. In the case of emulsions, the same principle holds. As the particles of the dispersed phase of the emulsion get smaller, it requires progressively more energy to overcome the surface tension holding them together. Enormous hydraulic shear is needed to do the job and a colloid mill is the ideal device to apply this force. Please refer attached white paper on Colliod Mill for your kind ref.

CPMPL engineers and application experts are available to assist you with selection of machine type as well as provide you with advice regarding installation of the machine into existing or new process systems. What else do you need? Please write to us in case you need us to attend your specific request if any.