Built with superior quality and efficiency parameters.

The commercial success of the Blitz –Double Rotary Tablet Press demonstrates that customers really appreciate our ability to evolve and adapt to their ever-changing requirements. The possibility of introducing the NEW Duo Press R&D Tablet Press is the most powerful R&D Tablet Press user had ever seen-  is another hallmark.

What may not be commonly known is that the technology to conversation of Single Rotary Tablet Press to double rotary tablet press either to single layer Tablet Press or Bi Layer Tablet Press in One Machine. This machine is designed to guarantee superior accuracy during Batch Change Over even if opted for PLC or SCADA version of it. This machine will be demonstrated in Asia Pharma Expo 2015. you are no doubt, analyze and confirm their stated features that stays true.

Duo Press is a much-awaited solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Built with superior quality and efficiency parameters in mind.


  • Contact parts in SS 316
  • Central Drive System
  • Threepiece turret with SS 316 Die Plateand lower punch wiper seal
  • Main motor with ACVFD
  • Adjustable Upper punch penetration
  • Tablet compression zone with transparent enclosures and safety interlocking system.
  • Gravity feeding system
  • Inside controls for weight and tablet thickness adjustment
  • Manually Overload Pressure Release Arrangement
  • Dust Nozzle with Clamp
  • Emergency Stop.
  • Anti-vibration mount for vibration absorption
  • Inching
  • Anti-Reverse Protection
  • Power supply 3 phase / 415V AC / 50 Hz
  • Lower Cabinet including drive system enclosed with S.S.304 guards.