We are pleased to introduce Sucralose and our Company for your further reference  as under : –

  • Sucralose is a Zero Calorie Diabetic Fit Sugar Substitute.
  • It is 600 times sweeter than Sugar ( 1 kg Sucralose = 600 kgs Sugar sweetness)
  • It is highly stable under high temperature processing.
  • Sucralose is Approved by WHO ,FDA And FSSAI.
  • Sucralose is Cost effective than Sugar . 

Sucralose has excellent taste of Sugar without any aftertaste and so Sucralose is the Best Preferred Sweetener Globally .

We are a Direct Sucralose Manufacturing Company and  are dedicated for Manufacture only One Product “SUCRALOSE” & have our own branch office in USA,EUROPE,JAPAN,& INDIA.

We Manufacture and Supply  99.8% Pure Sucralose  : ( FCC XI & USP 42 / NF – 37 IP/BP/EP  )

Jk Sucralose is Available in Minimum 1 kg Packaging. And We keep sufficient Fresh Batch Stock always, however we  request our clients to place order  10 days before the supply  so as to serve better .

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