Which small jerky drying room is more practical? Beef jerky drying room is a commonly used drying equipment in the agricultural and sideline product industry, used to extract and remove the water contained in the materials. Beef jerky drying room is used in the drying and processing of meat products, seafood, Chinese medicinal materials, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, wood and other industries, with high efficiency and environmental protection. For new users with limited funds, inspection before purchasing. If the test machine is suitable, you can firstly buy a small beef jerky dryer room. Which small jerky drying room is more practical? Compared with medium-sized and large-scale drying equipment, the small beef dryer room has a lower output and the small measurement, but the drying effect and quality are not inferior to large-scale equipment, because their intelligent drying technology are same. Small jerky drying room is excellent in terms of work efficiency, equipment quality, practicability, stability, etc. Users can choose suitable equipment according to your needs for different material drying. How much does it cost to invest in a small beef jerky processing plant? Setting up a small beef jerky processing plant needs to consider the investment in site, equipment, manpower, power consumption and other aspects. Then the price of the small beef jerky drying room mainly depends on the equipment you buy and the manufacturer you choose. At present, the price of small beef jerky drying rooms on the market generally ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Choosing a direct-sale manufacturer with good quality and preferential prices can save you a lot of investment.